Harvest 2013 in Gevrey-Chambertin 2013年収穫(ジュヴレ・シャンベルタン)

I spent two days in Gevrey at Domaine Pierre Naigeon during the harvest period.


Grapes in Naigeon's Charmes Chambertin parcel - Day before harvest (10/10)

Here is Pierre Naigeon's domain from inside at the most crucial period of the year! 
I want to thank Pierre very much for welcoming me and let me take any pictures or movies of everything really in the vineyards and in the cuverie. Nothing hidden and nothing to hide! Double hand-sorting for grapes: once in the vineyard and a second on a table by a team of 8... Make yourself an opinion with this report.

You will find my thoughts about vintage 2013 too.

まず、ピエールに心から感謝です! ブドウ畑でも醸造所でも、いかなるシーンでも写真やビデオを撮影することを快承してくれました。隠されたものは何もなく、何も隠そうとしませんでした! 1回目はブドウ畑と、2度目は8人で選別する選果台の、2重の手選別です・・・ このレポートを通して皆さん自身で判断されてください。



2013 should definitely be a great year for... Crémant! Winter was very long, Spring was unexisting so that vegetation got late. Since September-October were not much sunny, it has been difficult to get matured Pinot Noir. May be the situtation was less problematic with Chardonnay. There were also problems with heavy hail in the north of Côtes de Beaunes area from Volnay to Savigny. Grapes were seriously damaged and reduced to nearly nothing in some places.

In order to get this maturity for Pinot, the right options was to work very hard in the vineyards, harvest very late and accept to loose a good part of grapes because of the rot. This was Pierre Naigeon's option. Doing so, strictly sorting the crop was, more than ever, absolutely necessary. There will be big differences between winemakers for this vintage. Careful selection of grapes, use of small crates to carry grapes and sorting tables were the right way to proceed... 

Note that I was amazed to see that grapes in 1er and Cru parcels were rather fine just before harvesting though there was rot in less ranked parcels.

I spent a few days at Domain Pierre Naigeon to follow their work and help them. I picked up in the vineyards and also spent some time at the cuverie, in particular I was at the end of the sorting table during the selection of Bonnes Mares grapes. I suggest anyone interested in winemaking to once take part in the process. This is a great experience to realize the amount of careful work required, from the vineyards work to bottling, for eventually making great wines. The process requires many little tasks, sometimes off-putting but unavoidable, to be executed properly.

Many thanks to Pierre Naigeon for welcoming and great thanks to the team: Sarah Canavi, Mark Haisma, Enrik Smith (from Laudrup Denmark), Victoria Burt, Jérémy and Gérard. Best wishes to all of those making wines.

Pics and movies below.

2013年は、間違いなく・・・クレマンに大変良い年でしょう! 冬はとても長く、春はほぼ無いに等しかったため、生育が遅かった。9月から10月にかけてはあまり好天にも恵まれず、成熟したピノ・ノワールのブドウを得ることは難しかった。シャルドネに関してはそれほど深刻ではなかったかもしれません。また、コート・ド・ボーヌの北部、ヴォルネイからサヴィニーにかけての地域は、激しい雹害に遭い、ブドウはひどく被害を受け、場所によってはほぼ全てを失っています。




迎えてくれたピエール・ネジョンと、彼のチームに感謝! これからワイン作りがうまくいくことを祈っています。写真とビデオは下の方にあります。

A tour in Charmes on Tue 10 Oct. I guess they picked up these grapes the day after. In Grand cru parcels grapes were mature and healthy with nearly no rot.


Jérémy's driving in Les Charmes

Visiting the parcels

Picking up. One only needs to pick up healthy grapes. Rule was: "One should be able to eat every grape in his/her crate". No rot in the crate!


Unsatisfied Pierre makes his point clear

Two smart guys from NZ

Myself. Greetings!

My crate

Strict sorting on table. 厳密な選別が選別台で行われます。

Last sorting for Bonnes Mares grapes

L: Bonnes Mares/R:residuals

Débourbage and entonnage for white wines -- may be some Côtes de Nuits.


Enrik stealing petrol for his car

Fermentations in barrels for Côtes de Nuits
People at Naigeon's ネジョンの人々

Mark Haisma, Enrik Smith, Jérémy, Gérard, Victoria Burt


Victoria Burt from England

Enrik Smith from Denmark. Works at Laudrup Co.

Samples tasted one eve. Thanks to Enrik, Pierre and Mark!

And also miscellaneous boring tasks... そして多岐にわたる種々雑多な退屈な仕事・・・

Even the boss is cleaning...
Below: cleaning crates

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